Review: Ripped in 30 (Kinda of) **GIVE AWAY**

Hey WordPress fam! So I did the Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. I purchased the DVD for $9 from Walmart. I was skeptical when I first say the DVD. So of course I pulled out my phone and googled this DVD. I read a few reviews and watched a few YouTube’s. I even checked the price on amazon to see if I could find it cheaper. It was 7.50 on amazon. I figured byu the time I paid for shipping it would come up to $9 so I bought it. Another reason I was sold because the 3 YouTube videos I was said


Again some of you who have been reading me knows I AM A CHEAPO, CHEAPSKATE and hate to waste money.

The basic of the DVD 

  1. It is not 30 minutes its really about 22 minutes. 4 minute warm up/4 minute cool down which = 30 minutes
  2. Its 1 DVD, with 4 workouts for each 4 weeks
  3. It is 20 days not really 30 days.
  4. Its 5 days 1 workout then 2 day break (repeat for 4 weeks)
  5. The 3-2- 1 is . 3 mins strength , 2 mins cardio and 1 minute abs
  6. It comes with an easy to download meal plan & recipes. HERE IT IS  Check it out!! ITS FREE
  7. You will need 3lb to 5lb weights maybe a kettle ball if you want to be fancy
  8. A modifier and advance it provided
  9. Each week there are different combination of workouts so  you won’t get bored with the same workout every week
  10. The workouts became more complex each week


  • Its only 22 minutes for busy people
  • Full body work out. A little bit of everything gets moving
  • DVD is set by week, very simplistic


  • Arms seem to be the focus more than anything else
  • I burned doing each of the workouts was 175 calories at the most according to my Polar flow watch , I guess I was looking for more

Overall: I loss 2 inches off my waist, my arms look nice and it is good for all levels of exercise from the new to the expert.

Side Note: Jillian Michael’s is a little sarcastic and does minor trash talking to motivate you but if that’s not your kind of thing then maybe this DVD is not for you.


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