CIZE Mini Review: Here I go AGAIN *Weightloss*

Hey WordPress Family! So I’ve seen this commercial play every Saturday morning for the last 2 months. It caught my eye every now and then. The dance moves and the fact that the people doing it said that they lost weight while doing it.

So I bought CIZE choreographer-ed by Mr. Shaun “T” Thompson

I am a CHEAP group fitness/homework out junkie so  I had to see what the hype was about. The Skeptic in me and many of us just had to know , does it live up to all the hoop=la.

Here is what I got:

  • I got a calendar beginner and advance.
  • I got a  7 day meal plan book.
  • I got a book of recipes for lunch, breakfast, dinner and snack ideas
  • I got DVDs of workouts to do each week.
  • There is no equipment involved just popped in the DVD.

So far I have 

  • Learned a full choreographer-ed dance routine
  • I burned 294 calories in 30 minutes
  • I sweated more than I ever have just from dancing
  • Gotten a mini ab workout that got the job done but was intense

The bad and good I see thus Far


  • As soon as you turn it on he is already moving. No talk, no chit chat & no introduction. Its just starts. So be ready


  • He builds up each move to the next & he calls out the moves so you know what you are doing and what is next.
  • Your first couple of times he tells you its practice & have fun with it but at the end he expects you to CIZE IT UP which means go all out & put your all into it.

So far I am impressed! I will let you guys know more as I keep doing the workouts.

What workout DVD are your using? Have your seen the Cize commercial? Have you thought about getting it?

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