#Weightloss Challenge & YOU are invited (Details inside)

Welcome to Monday and yes I am back at it again. CALL OF ACTION: To all of those who would like to start, re-start or continue their weight loss journey this may be for you.

I have started a dietbet challenege. Operation Summer Ready My Diet Bet. It will be a place where we will be a group on a mission to lose 4% of our body weight in 28 days. Starts 4/25/16.

When I started my weight-loss journey and I ran across diet bet I was skeptical because I could not believe that it was for real. Again for those of you who don’t know my blog or you are new.


You may be thinking who is proud of that well my friend Me… hello.

A skeptic does their research, tries something out and gets to the bottom of the gimmick. 

A cheapskate thinks before they use their money and wants a money back guarantee. 

Well the verdict is in on dietbet there is no gimmick, the rules are simple you lose 4% body weight you get your money you put in back plus the money of the people who did not reach their goal. If you don’t, you forfeit your money. The END. In 7 days if you don’t like it you can get your money back.

I have been on the losing end of the stick and winning.

I have loss 2 games where I just forfeited my money and I did not like that but I knew the rules and the truth was my heart was not in it and my bets were below $25

I have won 6 games. Where I was able to get about $115 dollars deposited in bank account via Paypal.

So if you have never done a diet bet or you have.. now the question is why should you do it with me as your host.


I won’t because you can just go to the website in general Dietbet and see if you like anyone else’s bet. Dietbet is a weight loss tool and community that you can get support from when you participate in any bet. That means even if its not with me you can still use this tool and I want you to.


I will because I have done 8 bets before and what I have learned is if you have a kick ass host you will have a great experience. Here is my link you can check it out My Diet Bet

My bet will not just be about losing the 4% body weight, yes that is the premise BUT I would like to incorporate personal and professional development each week we work together to reach our goals.

I have put my $20 in the pot already. I figured $20 is a small wager to put on myself. I spend more than $20 on pizza and wings.

And oh yeah I will be giving out prizes. Gift cards, book, jewelry and magazine subscriptions.

If no one signs up then I plan to give away these items here to my subscribers 🙂

If you have any questions or skepticism, I am more than happy to answer any questions in the comments or email me gojenbefit@gmail.com


Leave your email and I WILL send you your invite 🙂

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3 thoughts on “#Weightloss Challenge & YOU are invited (Details inside)

  1. fitdeedee says:

    Hi there, I have looked into Diet Bet in the past but feel a bit weird about making money off other people’s failures. Perhaps you can change my perspective?

    Liked by 1 person

    • gojenbefit says:

      Hey Fitdee!
      That’s how I felt in the beginning. I thought well that’s not FAIR I earn money by some one elses loss. In dietbet’s there are NO losers. For example the 2 games I did not meet my goals I was actually a “runner up” dietbet made sure to not use negative language. Also many people who didn’t meet their goal like myself were pretty close or bowed out gracefully. Overall the goal even if people don’t win is to get support, start a lifestyle change and motivate or get motivated. I can answer questions if you have any. Even if you think its a small question, someone can get knowledge from it. I apologize for the long comment and I appreciate you commenting.


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