Welcome to June | Half Year | Goal Check in

Welcome to June! Just yesterday I felt like I was saying “Happy New Year” and its June already. My oh my how time is flying by. How-Are-Your-Goals- Going? Take a virtual seat, let me share my goals with you.

In the beginning of the year I wrote 4 goals and they are simple and straight forward but they have been slightly tweaked (because life has changed)

In January I created a bar code for myself to remember my goals (Check out this blog from 6 months ago) 


SW: Starting my career in Social Work which is actually going well. I’ve gone on a few interviews and currently one the last hiring step which is my clinical evaluation with a psychologist, this feels weird because some one will evaluate me and that’s what I will be doing in the future.

ED: This was suppose to be me finding a career in Education but instead I will not be seeking a career in education but returning back to school to become a Licensed Clinical Counselor. I decided I don’t want to help others in JUST education but professional (career) and personal (weightloss and goal setting) more of successful life design  and earning my license will allow me to help in more aspects than 1.

137: This is my weight goal which this is still the same BUT I am no longer going to scratch and kick to hurry and get there by summer. I am actually braking it down in small goals until I get to 137lbs. I share with you guys a secret (not so secret anymore) I’m kind of scared to get to my weight loss goal because what will I do after I hit that goal. (Thats another blog)

GH: Group home is still in the plans but it is way more intricate than I intended but the SW/ED will actually help me fruther this dream but I did attend the group home orientation training and earned a group home facilities manager certificate. (removed from this years goals)

765: This is credit score I would like to have on my birthday in December. My credit is getting better. I will defintely be at 765 by december. Paying bills on time and being in good standing.Yes for my birthday I don’t want a car, a house or money I want a good credit score lol sounds cheesy but I am so serious now that I am getting older I know that having good credit is much better than having a nice Louis Vutton bag.

My new barcode for the rest of 2016


Your takeaway. Lets Goal set together !

  1. Write down 4 goals. 2 big. 2 small.
  2. Place due dates by each goal.
  3. Write down a goal on 4 separate papers.
  4. Under each goal write down the steps if will take to accomplish each goal (Make it personal write down your mom, dad,grandparents, kids, spouses name on the bottom of each paper) and every time you think to give up on that goal you will see the name of a person you will let down if you don’t accomplish that goal
  5. Place the goals wear you can see them daily
  6. Do a weekly goal check in

Please know 

  • Goals can change
  • Keep yourself accountable
  • Share your goals with others who care
  • Be consistent with checking your goals

I want us all to be where we desire at the end of the year so lets do this 🙂

Need help organizing your goals you can always contact me

Email: gojenbefit@gmail.com 


Twitter: Gojenbefit


3 thoughts on “Welcome to June | Half Year | Goal Check in

  1. reyesmm says:

    I love this! I’ve always found it difficult to reach goals I set for myself because I don’t keep myself accountable. Reading how you’ve been able to look back at your goals and reevaluate is awesome. It inspires me to do the same! Thank you for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • gojenbefit says:

      Thank you for commenting and I hope it helps. I use to get hung up on if a goal doesn’t go EXACTLY as planned now I try and understand there will be need to reevaluation but that doesn’t mean the goal wont get accomplished… it just wont maybe how or in the time frame I thought.


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