Easy DIY Popsicles | Strawberry Lemonade | Weightloss Edition

Some of us like sweet treats BUT when you are watching calories and your figure it can be hard. I did a DIY a recipe for a weightloss friendly Popsicle, 4 easy to find ingredients and under $5 this is my kind of recipe. I did it and it was successful so I wanted to share the recipe with you and it maybe something for you to try at the next barbecue, pool or kids party.

Easy 4 simple ingredients

  1. 16 oz. of water bottle (0 Calories)
  2. 8 portion Popsicle tray (0 Calories)
  3. 4 Strawberries (32 Calories)
  4. 1 Country Time Lemonade single packet “on the go” (10 Calories)20160528_122431

Easy Instructions

  1. Pour 1 country time packet in water. Stir or shake then let it si
  2. Cut 4 strawberries in half
  3. Place 1 strawberries halves on Popsicle sticks
  4. Pour shaken drink into Popsicle tray 75 % each slot
  5. Put Popsicle sticks in each slot of tray
  6. Place in freezer for at least 4 hours depends on your tray mold and your freezer temperature





Prep time: 5 Minutes Total time: 4 hours

42 Calories all ingredients /8 Popsicle = 5.25 Round up

6 Calories per Popsicle ( WEIGHT LOSS FRIENDLY)


I love this easy recipe. Try it for yourself or if you have a recipe please leave it in the comments.

Hope this helps someone make a healthier choice.

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**You can make an adult version and add some wine or liquor but then it is no longer weight loss friendly or for a kids party**




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