2016 Goals Review | 11 Month | Goal Check in

Hey you guys so at the beginning of the year I set a few goals. Specifically 4 to be exact. Read about the goals I set earlier this year Here and Over Here . One goal was to return to school, another goal  was to increase my credit score, then another goal was to do a career transition and the final goal was to get to my goal weight. This is in no particular order.

As of right now I am 2 for 4

  • Return to school
  • Career Transition
  • Weight loss goal
  • Boost my credit score

As you can see I did two and the other 2 I have some work to do . As as far as boosting my credit that will be a goal that will roll over to 2017. I would like to make a large purchase December of 2017 so I HAVE to get my financial portfolio in tip top shape but any who the last goal of the year that I will tackle and assassin is my goal weight. Before 2016 is up I WILL reach my goal weight.

I have been teetering around my goal weight and I finally understood why. Besides being lazy there was this underlying feeling that I felt when,  I thought “ok if I complete my journey then what would be next for me” Not getting to my goal weight meant I can stay in my weight loss journey but I have it semi figured out, my weight loss journey may end but that means I can start a new journey to coaching others about fitness, nutrion and goal setting.

One journey ends and a new journey begins.

So you guys watch me work and December is conveniently my birthday month. My desire is to be at my goal weight by my birthday.

That is 21 days from today. You know what that means 21 Day birthday challenge. Operation get me to my goal weight by my birthday.

I will be documenting what I do and eat on Instagram.

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Let the games begin (AGAIN)

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