5 Habits | For Massive Daily Success

Procrastinating? Overthinking? Dragging on your goals? Wanting opinions where to start, what to do next and just plain ole wasting time. This time last year I was killing it with massive daily success and I feel that same energy coming over me again. Its something about knowing that half the year is gone and you have to kick it into high gear to get your goals in motion.

I want to tell you what I know not what I have only read some where.

Here are 5 habits you can do now to get massive daily success

  1. The day/night before: You have to going into the next day prepared with what you want to get accomplished and how you will do the. ACTION: Grab a piece of pen , paper, or you phone or lab top or tablet, pretty much something to record or note what you want to do the next day. Write down 5 things 2 important and 3 semi important. We can get lots of things done in 1 day but more than likely not everything should make this list just the important stuff to you.
  2. The actual day : You want to revisit the list and revise it. Make 2 separate list. 1 for professional (work or your business) and personal (family responsibility and other obligations) ACTION: Do the power 5 x 2 . Set a timer for 5 minutes and only focus on the list for personal, then do the same reset the timer for 5 more minutes and focus on your list for professional. Then execute each list as you see fit.
  3. Personal development: You want to cultivate your mind daily with positive and continues learning to enhance and improve who you are for at least 10 minutes minimum daily. ACTION: You can read a self help book or listen to a audio book or you can google a word like motivation, success or entrepreneurship then look at YouTube videos or attend a online class on the topic you are interested in.
  4. First things first: If you have a task that appears hard to do, do that thing first so you can get it out the way. ACTION: On your day list write the thing you lease want to do first, highlight it or bold it and place #1 next to it so you know that you must do this task first. Get that done so you can move on to more enjoyable task.
  5. Gratitude: You must be grateful for what you have done at the end of the day. ACTION: At the end of the day say thank you to at least 3 people that help you during the day and write down 3 reasons you are grateful for that day.

I know you have plans to be successful today.

Have you been having massive daily success? Do you already do any of the things above?




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