3 Reminders | When Life Doesn’t go as Planned | Weightloss Edition

Many of us have been here. We make specific plans. Workout these many times a week, lose these many pounds by this day, eat these many points or calories, be at this weight on weigh in day BUT What happens when you DON’T and all your plans become just thoughts of yesterday. Some of us beat yourself up and become irritable about our plans not going like we expected.

Well before you get down on yourself.


and I mean STOP IT NOW!


Here are 3 reminders for when what your life plan doesn’t go as planned

  1. Life happens: There are things that we don’t have any control over life the weather, traffic and other people. Life can take place and we may have to go along with it and sometimes that means something we planned may get rearranged in out schedule. If you have a gym workout planned always have a back up like home DVD or an app that can keep you active, it may not be the gym but it’s still a workout .For this I suggest flexibility , be flexible in what you plan for yourself so you leave room for if something randomly pops up and in life things pop up all the time.
  2. You are not alone: Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones whose plans have been rearranged, think again my friend. Everyday plans we though would go on a straight path take small turns and some days more turns than others. Sometimes we don’t eat 100% clean bu that is no reason to give up. For this I suggest acknowledging that you are no the only one dealing with this and if you just speak to 1 or 2 people and ask them how many times this week something didn’t go as planned they would say more than 1, I am pretty sure of it. 
  3. You can start over: Just because a plan is temporary derailed doesn’t mean its permanent. You can choose to start or revisit something that didn’t work out before and come up with a plan for accomplishing what you planned. You can decided that you will get your eating and workout regimen together. For this I suggest you get clear on your goals/plans, WRITE them down and review them weekly. 


I decided to write this because, I was apart of a dietbet and I set a personal weightloss goal that I wanted to meet by my weight in. My weigh in has come and gone but guess what I DID NOT REACH my goal. I started to get upset with myself then I decided I would start over. There is no harm in me or you starting over.

Hey it didn’t go as planned and it is a learning experience.

I had to get clear with myself and you can ask yourself these questions too

What is the goal?

Why am I doing this?

What do I need to do to accomplish this goal?


Its time to get some clarity and not let set backs keep us back. The things I like about the 3 reminders is that yes it can be used for getting healthy or weightloss journey but they are good reminders for LIFE in general.

To all my getfits out there time to get stay on track or get back on track.

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