8 Things YOU Can Do For | Mental Wellness

You’ve heard the saying before

“Its mind over matter”

I’m going serious on this post and I mean every word.

Please seek your mental well being. No matter how tough a situation is you can get through it,take time to reflect. If you can’t do it on your own get professional help, moral support or just a shoulder to lean on.

Too many times we feel the need to work out every problem on our own or hide a problem that needs to be shared or just keep them bottled up before we explode on our loved ones BUT I want to tell you THERE IS HELP SOME WHERE. It could be professional, family friend or honest personal self reflection.

For Mental Wellness you can:

  1. Grab a book: Sometimes we can travel to other places and times through a book
  2. Journal: It is always great to write down how you feel
  3. Soothing music: Some songs truly touch the soul ( I even shed tears when some songs play because it just is a moment to release)
  4. Join a support group: Sometimes we need to talk things out among people who feel the same way we do or know our current struggle
  5. Get out the house: Head to a park, beach or library get some air so you can think and  gain clarity in your mind
  6. Call up a friend: NO TEXTING . Talk to a friend , you and a friend may need it, a good ole regular conversation where you can hear a voice or see a face
  7. Cook or bake: Yes getting creative in the kitchen can ease the mind woes we face daily
  8. MOST IMPORTANT: Professional help. A certified/ licensed person to help you sort out your emotions and thoughts in a private and non-judgmental setting.

Above is a small list but I want to get you thinking about your mind and how you think is important. Please take care of your mind so you can take care of yourself and others that may depend on you. Please don’t be afraid, ashamed or embarrassed to seek support. Be good to your mind and body.

Happy living. To my getfits your mental wellness is important.

Signing of candidate of health science

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