FREE Weightloss Coaching | 3 days | 1 on 1

Free weight loss coaching. You read correctly. No gimmicks. I’m not trying to secretly sell you anything or have you join some bait Facebook group just to try and sell you something over there. I mean actually free.

No pills, shakes or juices. No starvation or drastic tactics just good ole working out, clean eating, structure, support and motivation.

Just imagine me as your personal cheerleader. I’m just a person in the stands but you are the star of all this.

All you have to do:

  • Be willing to be coached
  • Accept the commitment to yourself and the plan we create together

What in it for me you are asking? 

Well I have 3 day meal plan I would like to make available HERE on but I want someone (or somebody’s) other than myself to use the meal plan and document their success.

What do I get out of doing this for free?

  1. Share your results with me
  2. Rate my coaching (It will be a google survey. 7 questions: 5 multiple choice questions / 2 open ended questions)


  1. Assessment
  2. 3 day regimen
  3. 3 day meal plan
  4. Grocery List
  5. Suggested workouts
  6. Fun snack list
  7. Fast food list
  8. Skype or phone session with me
  9. Daily text messages
  10. Daily Email

This is good for a beginner who needs somewhere to start and wants something to follow. Or for the person who started to lose weight but needs to get back refocused.

If you are interested you can

Contact me:


Instagram/Twitter: Gojenbefit


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