5 Unpopular Tips for Weight loss

There are so many ways people can lose weight it. It’s hard sometimes to differentiate between what to do. All the rules, do’s, don’ts, and restrictions of losing weight can make it discouraging to stick with weight loss.

I want to share with you what some people may not. Just from me to you I want to give you the low down on losing weight now following the unpopular rules.

5 Not Popular Tips

  1. Eating Back Calories: There is the small debate whether you should eat the calories that you have burned off through exercise well the truth is do what you see fit. There are some days where you won’t eat back your calories and there are other days you will. Don’t get down on yourself just don’t make it a habit of eating the calories you have worked off all the time.
  2. Junk Food Favorites: I know this isn’t the best information but if you just cannot avoid to eat junk food I suggest eating it before 12pm so that you have at least 8 hours to burn it off before you go to sleep. Don’t eat junk food before bed.
  3. 1 Whatever Snack: Have a snack that is 200 calories or less of whatever you want. You don’t want to restrict yourself or deprive yourself from the goodies you like because that will make you feel miserable if you do have whatever snack just follow (#2 above)
  4. 7 Day Trial: If you don’t have a gym membership or want to try a diet and there is a 7 day trial available I say try it. It’s available as a tester. You can see if you like a product or a service before you commit to it fully. There is no shame in testing something out and not liking it, it’s okay.
  5. DIY for now: Google a free meal plan, borrow a workout DVD or watch a YouTube workout. Sometimes you have to get what you need for free or without committing to paying for it. Again that’s okay sometimes we just have to do our research and find what we need.

These tips may not be what the average weight loss guru may tell you.

Lucky for you I am not a weight loss guru but a fitness blogger sharing what I did that helped me lose weight.

Please be cautious with all the tips

  • Don’t always eat back your calories but it’s okay if you do sometimes
  • If you have to have a cookie or donut, eat it before 12pm and make sure everything else you eat is clean
  • Your snack of choice each day should stay under 200 or less
  • Make sure to read any fine print if you use any 7day trial, the fine print will keep you informed of future or hidden charges
  • It is good to DIY weight loss but if you just don’t know where to start please consult with a fitness or medical professional

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3 thoughts on “5 Unpopular Tips for Weight loss

  1. Vinny Idol says:

    Good post. Ill definitely utilize some of these tips. If I may, Id also avoid alcohol and dairy like the plauge. Everytime I have too much of them, I feel it the next day. And the fat from these two vices, always goes to my stomach.

    Liked by 1 person

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