3 Ways to Accomplish Goals while Kicking Fears Butt

Fear is a dream killer. You are just sitting there mining your own business with you bug dreams, thinking of the future, and how you will look when you make it to your goal and BAMN here come fear butting in your subconscious telling you all the ways your dream wont’ go as planned or how it’s a dumb though it the first place.

Wait a minute. Tell Fear SCREW you and leave me the hell alone. Okay I know fear isn’t a person but sometimes it should feel like fear takes on a life of its own then somehow takes over your like.

Fear stops many of us from …….

Trying new things.

Going after the things we desire.

Making life great for others.

Using the talents that were given to us for a purpose.

But guess what you can change all of that with 3 simple steps. No need to take drastic measures but you have to do something.

Here are 3 ways to kick fear in the butt

(& tell it to get out of your life)

  1. Write down your goals instantly: Don’t wait for the thought to linger in your head. Jot it down fast before fear gets a chance to grab it. If you write it down you can always review it and look at it when motivation hits.
  2. Take small actions: All big goals are made up of small actions. You don’t have to tackle everything in your goal in a day, you can break them into small actions. After your do 10 small actions you may actually be at your big goal. Some of us don’t fear the small stuff so we are more likely to do those and fear doesn’t pay attention to the small stuff fear usually arrives where the big goals are so trick yourself and fear take small steps.
  3. Look for a mentor: You can look for someone who has done what you may fear to do or darn near close. A mentor car be a book, a blog, a person you know, a person you admire. Looking at a mentor can motivate you to stick with your goal and fear will start to disappear the more you see that the goal you wil to accomplish is attainable

So tell fear to get the heck out of here by……

Writing down your goals when you think of them.

Taking small steps which add up to your overall goal.

Find a mentor, in person or theory and review what they have done, then take note to what you can do.

To all my get fits. There is no time for fear in life. You have a purpose and you are not serving your purpose by letting fear slow you down.

Let’s all tell fear to get out of our life because WE HAVE GREAT THINGS TO ACCOMPLISH.

Use & Print the worksheet below (It can also be found in he library)

Goal Setting Worksheet

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Sound Cloud: 3 Ways to Accomplish Goals & Forget Fear

Thank you for reading !

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