6 Ways to Re-Organize Your Current Goals

Have your thought to yourself what happened to the goals I had? Or why are my goals not moving at the speed I thought they would or my favorite what were my goals in the first damn place.

Yes some of us are there or have been there and it can be challenging to refocus on our goals. Goals can change and sometimes that where we lose track of what we were supposed to be achieving in the first place.

I was currently struggling with the directions of the goals that I have. I have to clarify my goals and get them back on track,

Here are 6 way you can reboot your goals (or add new goals)

  1. Review– Take your goals and look over if in your life right now is this a goal you actually want achieve. It’s easy to talk about our goals but many of us don’t realize every goals have smaller goals in between those goals in order to accomplish the big goals. Are you prepared to put in the work for that goal?
  2. Choose– You must choose (here is where my real challenged was) Most people I come are rarely right on target with goals. Some of us have barely any goals and others have too many (can you guess which group I am apart of?) Shout out to those with TOO MANY goals that is me and maybe some of you. Some people have an abundant amount of goals that makes them hard to management and even less attainable. Whether you have not enough or too many decide which one (s) fire you up the most and do not conflict with one another. If anything chose goals that are concurrent to one another.
  3. Write – Write those goals down ASAP. I actually suggest writing the, down everywhere and designated. Everywhere could be write it on an index card and post then put it in your car, school folder, job locker or gym bag. Place it anywhere you will see frequently. By designated I mean get a composition book or a goal template sheet from on line write your goals down and place it somewhere specifically you know you can go to see your goals daily.
  4. Language – Start using success language with your goals. Turn your “I might” into “I will” or your “I will try” to “I must” sounds cheesy but this actually works. You want to talk with positive language to create good energy around you to complete your goals.
  5. Help– We all need help and some goals can’t get accomplished unless we have helpers to direct us in the right directions. If any of your goals need more information, clarity or more understanding seek help by online, in person and through a book. Majority of our success we can attribute to the fact that someone helped us in some kind of way. Whether someone gave you information, motivated you to keep going or took time to point you to a needed connection. (This was a game changer for me) We don’t have to do everything alone, there is help available everywhere.
  6. By When– You have to set a target date even if you miss it by a few days. You have to know by when you want something to happen and be achieved. Break down what you need, how long will it take you to get or achieve the thing you need and if your goal involves others.
  7. BONUS Pray– Pray to your higher being and ask for directions on your goals. There are people that will be helped by the goals you accomplished and the higher being usually gives you confirmation that certain goals are meant for you to accomplish.

Getting goals accomplish aren’t easy but whether you have to create an entire new goal or re-boot the goal you already have it can be done.

Do you have goals? Are they are on track? Have your goals changed?

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