Are You Competitive? | Free Download Audio + Worksheet

I need you to find your competitive spirit and develop it NOW.

Being competitive can be looked at in a negative way when some people take it over board or if they are a sore loser when they do not win. But let’s think about on a personal level, are you prepared to lose what you have because you are not competitive? Are you willing to get passed up for a great opportunity because you are not competitive?

You have to gain some competitive spirit because you don’t want to lose something great because you are not competitive.

You need to develop a healthy competitive spirit because in life you need to be prepared to fight for what you want and what you deserve. You should have a honorable and happy lifestyle.

Listen to me  Now on |Sound Cloud: Are you Competitive?

Use worksheet to decide what areas of your life needs development | Wellness Worksheet

To all my getfits your life is what you make it.

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