DIY : Weighloss Regimen | Worksheets +Audio

What exercise should I do? What should I eat? Should I still drink soda? Can I have coffee? IS there a time I should cut myself off from food? Do I really want a lifestyle change? Maybe I should stay overweight or obese? Who cares if I keep gaining weight?


These are the kinds of questions that ran through my mind when I began my weight loss journey/lifestyle change. Not knowing where to start and what to do can be discouraging. It’s bad enough you don’t know where to start and then you google the word “weight loss “ and results of weight loss pills and surgery makes it this search even worse.


Well I want to share with you have to create your own regimen.

You are the student, I’m just a fly on the wall giving you the answers to the test.

  1. Goal: Decide what your goal will be. You have to get very clear and honest about weight loss/lifestyle change goals. Use this format “I must (what you desire goes here) by (time frame should go here. EXAMPLE I Must lose 15lbs by Nov 5, 2016. Use this Goal Setting Worksheet to sort out your weightloss goals and other goals as well.
  2. Personal stats: You have to find out where you stand. Your current weight, body measurements, bmi and suggested calorie intake. Use the Weightloss Resource Links Worksheet  to find out your personal states.
  3. Decide: You have to decide what you will eat, what does will you have a cheat day or meal. Also you have to decide what your rest days will be. Use the DIY: Weightloss Regimen worksheet to complete this. Print out 7 pages of the last sheet of the worksheet page and create your own regimen for the week


Your DIY Regimen should go in this suggested order

  • Goal : I must (  ) by (    )
  • Personal Stats: Cal Intake, BMI, Weight, Measurements (waist, legs, hips, neck and arms)
  • 7 schedule worksheets fill in each sheet completely for each day

I hope this helped someone out there looking to start or re-jumpstart their journey.

If you have any questions email me

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