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One of the main questions I have gotten on my weightloss journey is WHAT DID YOU EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT? It’s funny that people think I have a magic potion or I am keeping some top secret about weightloss to myself. When I tell people what I ate they give me a blank stare and follow up with asking “Are you SURE that’s all you ate?” and I answer with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Let me address what I just said some people really think I have a secret weightloss sauce but guess what I DON’T.

But here is the my top secret.

Eat simple and consistent, wa- la

I created the one day meal plan with the average hard working person in mind, keeping it simple and easy for anyone to follow. Sharing with you the food you need, suggested exercise, fun snacks and what to drink. All you have to do is consistently execute.

I have created a weightloss worksheet section in the library for anyone who wants it to download the material

It’s a one day meal plan but I suggest anyone to use it up to 3 days in a row and substitute any food you don’t like for something you do like with similar nutrition facts.

You can find everything listed below in | The Library 

  • DIY: Weightloss Regimen
  • One day meal plan
  • Food journal
  • Portion control
  • Resource links

All these downloads are gifts from me to YOU and my favorite part is they are FREE. They are everything you need to start your weightloss journey.

If you use the meal plan and you have any questions, please email me.

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