Weight Loss Challenge | 14 Days a Sexy Beast

Hey to all mygetfits out there! Lately I have been posting about specific topics that I believe are important for all of us to read BUT it is about that time to go back to how and why I started this blog, for WEIGHT LOSS information, tips and trick.

This is around the time of year I scramble to do some detox, strict regimen or challenge floating around in the weight loss world because I want keep trying the stuff that’s out here to share with YOU.

This time I am creating my own 14 day challenge.

14 Days a Sexy Beast

This will consist of:

  • 7 Days Low Calorie
  • 4 Days Low Carb
  • 3 Days Juice Cleanse
  • Workout 45 Mins Every Day (Including 100 Crunches Daily)
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Waist Training


I know I know you are like has Jen lost her marbles. No ma’am or sir I have NOT, all my marbles are perfectly intact.

This is my personal hybird weightloss experiment. I want to see if all these things mixed together for 14 days, will it provide massive weight loss success?

My prediction: 15 lbs in 14 days

Start Day: Oct 21st, 2016

End Day:  November 3rd, 2016

Results shared: Written November 4th, 2016

Follow me on this 14 day journey. Starts TODAY!

I will be doing updates about this challenge on my YouTube channel ( Oh snap I actually have a Youtube Channel)

Make sure to check it out. This should be interesting and fun!

Listen to me NOW on | Sound Cloud: Weightloss | The good & bad

Have your reviewed your wellness lately | Wellness Worksheet

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