Best Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

One of the main things people who are trying to lose weight may say is they love to snack. Snacking itself is not bad but when we choose to snack on things that are not the healthiest for us that’s when there is a humongous problem. We should be choosing healthy snacks.
But what are healthy snacks? Are any snacks bad? Healthy snacks to me are snacks that are fulfilling, have descent nutrition value and something that we actually like to eat. No snack is bad in essence, snacks start to get a bad stigma when we have too much of one snack that is not nutritional descent in value. If we look at cake, some may say cake is bad but a slice of cake with icing cold be about 350 calories packed with more than the daily suggested amount of sugar but 1 slice of cake won’t break the calorie bank BUT when you have more than a regular portion of cake and two to three times the serving that is when snacking goes wrong.

I know the title says five but I had to give my getfits bonus snacks.
Let me share with you my best health snacks for weight loss.
Processed Snacks
• Popcorn- 30 calories a cup popped
• Mini Pretzels- 15 pretzels 50 calories
• Sugar Free Jell-O- 10 calories a cup
Least Sugar Fruit
• Kiwi- 42 calories
• Raspberries- 1 cup is 65 calories
• Strawberries- 1 cup 47 calories
Low Calorie Veggies
• Cucumber- 1 cup 20 calories
• Carrots- 1 carrot 30 calories
• Celery- 1 stalk 7 calories
Above are just small ideas of things that you can snack on throughout the day that won’t break the calorie bank and you can have more than a serving of and still have room to eat more.
It’s easier to eat healthy when we know a few things that we can have daily that can help keep us on track.
Hope this mini list was helpful.
Now it’s your turn , what healthy snacks do you feast on daily?

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