10 Things I Wish I Knew about Weight Loss | Before I Loss 95lbs

I wanted to share both the good and bad sides of losing a substantial amount of weight from my experience. It hasn’t all been gummy bears and bright days but it wasn’t and isn’t grim nights and goblins either. My experience has been a pleasant mixture of both good and bad.

You all know (If you didn’t know now you do) I like to share the goods and bad when I share and this post won’t be any different.

Let’s start with the bad because I want to end this on a positive note

The bad I wish I knew before weight loss

  1. Advice: I wish I didn’t take crappy advice just because at times I was desperate to get to a certain weight so I tried some pretty uncomfortable things like detox teas and cabbage diets.
  2. Everything did not work: There were times I tried things and they just didn’t work for me. I won’t say they don’t work but they just didn’t work for me.
  3. Unethical: There was a point I ate 600 calories and worked out 2 to 3 times a day chasing a goal weight but I quickly learned that was not attainable.
  4. It Sucked: There were times my journey just sucked major butt, I didn’t feel like counting calories or working out.
  5. Judgement: I began to experience becoming too judgmental about myself and I just had to stop because it was wearing me down big time.

The good I wish I knew about weight loss

  1. Skin: When I started drinking more water, low and behold my skin became more smooth, radiant and flawless ( lol I sound like a makeup commercial ) BUT it’s true my skin just glows now because of all the H2O I have added to my nutrition (FYI I hated water, kind of still do but I know it’s good for me)
  2. Weight training: I started weight training and I wish I did it sooner. Toning my arms are a major thanks to hitting the weights (I was scared to hit the weights because I thought it was a guy thing) NOW I know girls lift too… sexy arms city baby
  3. Self-esteem: I feel 1,000 more better about myself because I know that eating good and being active releases endorphin that makes me feel happier
  4. Research: I started to research and learn more about fitness, nutrition and my own body which
  5. Feelings: I created a better image of who I am and how I feel about myself. Positive body image is important

If I knew all the bad before I started I would have stayed far away from those things.

If I knew all the GOOD before I started I would have started much sooner and not waited any longer.

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