How to Crush the New Year | 6 Questions

Was last year a drag for you? Was last year your best year ever? DO you want to change this year? Are you ready to keep the good vibes from last year coming? Are you ready to forget everything that happened last year and start over?

Well my friend you have come to the right place!

Welcome to a New Year! Are you just as excited as a girl scout that just sold 20 boxes of cookies? Any who are you ready for what the New Year has to bring you. Being that I have been on a goal setting frenzy lately I figured why not share with you how you can CRUSH this new year.

These 6 questions I want you to ask yourself will help you to start the New Year with some goals to go after. Keep it simple and attainable. You can always add more but if you need somewhere to start. You can start right here.

Here are 6 questions you should ask yourself and answer

  1. What 1 goal will you accomplish that will change your life this year?
  2. What 1 skill will you learn this year that will enhance your life?
  3. What 1 thing you will try and or do this year?
  4. What 1 place will you visit this year?
  5. What’s 1 way will you invest in yourself this year?
  6. What 1 event will you attend this year?

Per usual anything I share with you it’s because I am doing it myself.

Here are my 6 responses to the questions above

  • Build my coaching portfolio ( Free and Paid Challenge groups)
  • Video Editing
  • Visit a nude beach and or resort
  • Big Bear
  • Enroll in a video course
  • Attend BeautyCon

Now that I have shared with you mine. Make sure to answer yours.

Are your ready for the New Year? Tell me what you plans are for the New Year!

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