1 year ago today.. Weightloss Journey Anniversary **GIVE AWAY**

Hey WordPress family! On this date last year I started my weight loss journey not knowing that it would bring me happiness. I know, I  know sounds so corny but its TRUE. I feel happier, more open to new experiences and proud of myself for sticking to it.

I weighed in at 237 lbs

Today I weigh 155 lbs and I am still going

Yay me but blah blah blah

This isnt about me

This is for the person who wants to change their life. If you are struggling with obesity, being over weight or just want to see a positive change in your health I encourage you to please start now.


I dont care  …

how big you are

how much you need to lose or gain

how much money you have

how many times you have failed

so what you don’t have a gym membership

who gives a damn if you don’t have fancy gym clothes

so what you dont know the latest fitness watch or shoes

so what you are not a fitness junkie

just start now please please please

I want you to know that you are not alone, we all have to start some where … take the first step

  • Work out at home
  • Walk
  • Lift
  • Drink Water
  • Cut back on just 1 thing at a time
  • Find support

If you need support or need a question answered ask me.

I wanted to show a before and after picture but I lost my phone (GOOD TIMES). So if you want to see a earlier pic check out my IG:gojenbefit I just posted it last week.

When I get my new phone I vow to save my pics to the cloud and post more pics here. Especially since some great things will be happening so I want to document and share it with you all 🙂

Did you start any goals a year ago? Are you still working on those goals?

*Give Away* $5 E-Starbucks Card* 1st- 2 people answer the 2 questions in the comments gets 1 gift card via email.

  1. What was my original weight?
  2. How much am I down as of today?


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