Welcome to March! Lets review Februray

Welcome to March WordPress fam! Hope you are getting reading for Spring. Last month didn’t feel as packed January but still some great things have transpired.

Before I blab away.

What about you? How did your January and February go? Any plans for March? Did it go as planned ? Didn’t have any plans at all? Come on share I wanna know

Here it is

  • I was able to hang out with my high school best friend. We went to get mani & pedi then had lunch it was so much fun
  • For valentine’s day NOTHING went as planned. First we were suppose to go to a fancy restaurant ended up at a cool seafood place then that turned into going to a ski resort but wait that turned into a road trip to Sacramento to visit my honey bunny’s family ( this didn’t bother me too much because he rarely wants to visit family so when he talked about it I agreed) we laughed, talked trash and some how I ended up deciding I would go vegetarian for 2 weeks ( post coming soon about that because I did it)
  • I had an oral interview for the Children’s social worker trainee position I mentioned in other post  and I ROCKED IT. My answers were good, i did my research and the interviewers seemed engaged BUT that was the interview to get a score I still have to do an interview with the office hiring OMG always something isn’t it
  • I was apart of a career test preparation panel. I was a speaker for “how to prepare before your next big interview” the crowd gave me great feedback and asked good questions
  • I went to spy on a turbo kick instructor teaching a future certification class and she was not good. Her form was sloppy. I wont be attending the certification class that she will be teaching. The person I wanted to go to is not teaching thus far hopefully more dates open with instructor I want to learn from
  • Photo shoot yes I finally did it along with my honey bunny. It was a 30 min outdoor photo shoot, 150 pics taken BUT the package purchased only includes 1 print but when the pictures came I like about 125 of them so how do I decide.
  • I BECAME A BEACHBODY COACH.  Check out my profile for before pic. (post coming soon)

Tell me about your  January and February

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