Get rid of these 5 things & start loosing weight

Welcome to March Word press family.. when losing weight it can get hectic because majority of the things we love we must get rid of or ease away from. You are probably thinking okay get to the darn point what do I need to let go.

Omit or Moderate.

In the begging of my weigh loss journey I omitted a few things because I was not strong enough in the beginning to have it in moderation.

Once I gained control over my appetite then I re-introduced myself to some things or an alternative

  1. Sugar– I had to let sugar go. I don’t buy sugar in my home any more. I now use honey and I try my best to minimize.
  2. White bread– I had to let white bread go. I still have bread but now its whole grain- fiber wheat bread. I don’t buy white bread in my home any more.
  3. Soda– This is my arch enemy. I had to give up soda. I started drinking those calorie free waters that taste like soda. Even those I try to drink far and in between because its no calories and no sugar but the ones I drink have a large amount of sodium
  4. Coffee– Yes this was the love of my life . Well coffee by itself is nasty in my opnion but I would drown mine in (see #1 sugar) and creamer.So now I plain tea or low calorie hot cocoa
  5. Chips– I traded chips for carrots or cucumbers. If I do have chips they are the special K brand. Half the calories, carbs and sodium.
  6. Cookies– I had to let go of chips ahoy or famous amos. If I do have cookies they are the special k brand crisp cookies.

Point is you have to be prepared to transition from things that are causing you to gain weight to things that can help you maintain or loose weight. There is an alternative to most things so you don’t have to go cold turkey but be willing to try different things.

I hope this help someone out there πŸ™‚ in WordPress land

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7 thoughts on “Get rid of these 5 things & start loosing weight

  1. becomingbeautifultoday says:

    Yep! I agree with all of these! I’m such a sugar addict, and cutting chocolate and ice cream has been difficult, but I’ve found some great alternatives. My current favorite is homemade vegan caramel slice (made from dates and vegan (no added sugar) chocolate)! There’s some fat in it from the coconut oil, but eaten in moderation is the perfect treat to kill cravings! It’s so yummy, tastes just like a caramel slice! Check out my blog for heaps more healthy alternatives!

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