Grown up things, I don’t wanna do

Hey WordPress Family! What a way to start a Monday. Do you ever  wish you were 11 years old again, come home, do basic math homework, watch cartoons and flop on the couch with a bowl of cereal. Why oh why do we have to grow up? I remember wanting to be 18 now its like why didn’t someone tell me that I would HATE grown up stuff. Maybe you can relate or have something similar you feel this way about.

Health wise: I hate going to the doctor and I hate the dentist. But I need to do both of these things to take care of my body and or make it stronger.

Finance wise: I hate saving money and I hate paying my bills on time and in full. But if I want a better credit score for a property or business loan I have to do this.

Occupational wise: I hate going to professional development training’s,  some of the training’s just seem repetitive and  only share book knowledge and no real experience but I have to attend if I plan to promote or career change.

Emotional wise: I hate sharing my feelings because at times I feel like it no one is listening but I have to share how I feel so I can release my feelings and not become bitter and just plain ole mean.

Intellectual wise: I hate new ideas and new ways of doing things because what  was wrong with the old way, I already know that but how can I be innovative  but not be open to new things.

Social wise: I hate starting new friendships and  I hate having to play nice with people who are not so nice to me but I have to learn to cultivate new friendships because people can show me things I don’t know. I have to learn to deal with difficult people because I will run into them in life.

All of these things suck butt and I hate doing them all but it would make my life much simpler if I would stop fighting these things and embrace them. Probably not all at once but one at a time.

Is there anything you HATE but you know if you did it, it would change your life big or small ?

Let me know I want to hear from you

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