Have you let 1 situation RUIN everything?

In this instance I am not talking about the good but the bad. You know when you feel wronged in a situation? Or you have become plain ole bitter because of what 1 person or situation has done to you and you let it take over your life like a plague. I am talking about that specifically.

I was misused a few time too many. This particularly was a employment issue. Some people just want to get to the top and I respect anyone trying to climb the corporate later but please ( if that is what you are currently doing) be careful to not step on people on the way up.

I was a person that got STEPPED ON while someone was on their was up. Being promised a prime spot along with a promotion as long as I support them and do work for them in the background while they took credit for my deeds. Well it didn’t necessarily go as promised and I became

B I T T E R  and I made sure everyone knew it

  • I stopped being my peppy self
  • I stopped interacting with coworkers
  • I became snappy with everyone , even if they told me “bless you when I sneezed”
  • I refused to participate in anything work related

But guess what on my own merit I

  • Earned a prime spot and great schedule some where else
  • Scratched/kick and earned a promotion
  • Ended up with a corner office (almost window view), with my own phone number and a fancy ear piece

Some days I feel my bitterness from that previous situation surface

I have to constantly remind myself and YOU

  1. One person wronged me so why I am I mistreating everyone else
  2. A victor always comes out on top
  3. Even if people promise you something just do good work it will pay off in the future
  4. Its okay to be bitter, upset and have feelings of anger  but don’t stay that way nor act on those momentary feelings, those feelings are temporary emotions deal with them accordingly
  5. More situations like these will occur but its your character and how you react to these situations that matter
  6. Nobody owes you anything and what God has for you will be no matter who tries to stop your shine but only the Lord will have the last say in your favor.

Patience has been dropped in my spirit for a long time now. I still don’t understand but I can tell God is conveying great things to me daily.

Have you been wronged? Have you let 1 situation change you? How did you deal with it?

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