7 tips for setting weightloss goals & stay motivated

Its can be frustrating to set weight loss goals. Where do you start? What should you do? What makes this time different from the last? Many of us are not very enthused about a working out or eating healthy. But we all have to start (or restart) somewhere. Here is what you should do.

Setting your weight loss goals 

1.Have 3 weight loss goals:  A ultimate goal, long term, short term. Yes some of us have large goals but we are too scared to say hey I want to lose 50 lbs so we say 30 lbs because in our minds 30 lbs is more attainable than 50 so do this as an example.

– Short term goal:15 lbs

-Long Term goal: 30 lbs

-Ultimate goal: 50 lbs

2.Choose how you will eat: Calorie counter , Jenny Craig, Weight watchers, Paleo, Keto, Stkins , Low Carb,  Vegetarian plus many more,  there are so many to choose from but choose what you see yourself being most comfortable with and give it a try for at least a week.

3.Chose your workout: Gym, running, yoga , dancing , cross fit choose your workout at the fitness or activity level you know you can handle. You don’t want to choose something too advance if you are just getting started because you want to avoid injury. Choose wisely and according to what your body can handle.

4.Have a food and workout schedule: Planning what you will eat and when you will workout is essential because you are giving yourself guidelines to how you want to accomplish these goals, so stick to what you write down.

Keeping yourself motivated 

5. Review your goals daily: Write your goals down on a index card or post it and put them in places you frequent maybe near a computer at work, on the bedroom door, refrigerator or even the bathroom.

6. Create a reward system for yourself: Reward your victories big or small. It doesn’t always have to be food it could be taking yourself to a movie or getting a new shirt. Just make your rewards worth wild so they keep your attention.

7. Share your successes with others: Tell others that care about your journey when you have been doing good. Feel proud to share your accomplishments . This will motivate you to do more so you have something new to share next month.

8.BONUS TIPS** Be patient: give your weight loss goals at least 30 days to see some changes**

These things keep you tips keep you goal orientated, focused and organized as well as motivated to succeed at your weight loss goals.

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