5 “Bluntly Honest” Reasons Why You are not losing weight |Hard to Read

This is not going to be the regular you eat wrong, you don’t work out long enough or you need more rest type of blog post. Yes, those are reasons some of us don’t lose weight but I want to get to the core of why you are not losing weight. I can guarantee you, at least 1 of the 5 is a reason why you are not losing weight. For me I battled all 5 reasons and some days its still a battle but first we must recognize an issue, address it and find a solution.

I am not big on pointing out issues and not having a solution. So sit down and get comfy because this may be hard to read BUT we all have to face the music some time.

5 Real reasons you are NOT losing weight

  1. Hurt You have been hurt by family, friends , co-workers, church members, organization members, even spouses or romantic partners. Some of us who hurt lean or turn to food to comfort us. Potential Solution: Express to the person that they have hurt you this can be in person or through writing in a journal. Not to hurt them but to be heard and share your own feeling. Instead of turning to food as the answer, use non-food solution like watching a movie, nice cup of tea or going for a walk by yourself to clear your mind.
  2. Labels- You have accepted the labels that society has given you plump, thick, heavy set, big boned,busy, stressed, or failure. When you accept the labels people give to you , you take on that personae even if you were not that thing 100%, you take it and run with it but you don’t have to. Potential Solution: Reject all labels unless you feel comfortable with the label and make sure any label you do accept is in a positive nature.
  3. Childhood- During our childhood, one of the main things we learn is our eating habits.Some habits that are not great are carried into our adulthood. We cook and eat like we were taught. Some of us grew up on greasy and very fattening food so that is what we currently cook in our homes. Potential Solution: Speak to a Registered dietitian or nutritionist or take a course or buy a cookbook on healthier and better choices of food.
  4. Pretending-(My favorite but rude awakening) Some of us act as if our weight is not an issue so we try to cover it up with shiny jewelry, new hair styles, fancy clothes and the latest designer shoes but the mirror and the sizes don’t lie. I use to  pretend I was still a size 8 but when I found my self looking for size 18 work pants it became clear to me, I had been pretending this whole time that the weight I gained didn’t bother me but it did. But, I just bought more stuff to avoid dealing with my weight issue and maybe you are pretending now too. Potential Solution: Ask yourself if you want to change for the better? Then start researching ways that you can do so like grab a self book or the good book (the bible, God wants you to be health & in good spirits) , read a blog, attend a class there are many ways we can get real with ourselves and stop pretending.
  5. You last- Some of us have been groomed in life to put everyone and everything in front of us and we always put ourselves last. We take care of others, cook for others, work for others, bend over backwards for others but we would not dare do the same for ourselves. PLEASE STOP. You cannot help no one until you help your dang self. I know it is hard because some of us are the ones the family depends on, the reliable one, the person that always comes through for others but you have to draw your personal line now. Potential Solution: It is time you do what you need to do for you, if that means saying no to others to go workout or cook a healthy meal then you may have to do that. Schedule a me day or hour for you daily to take care of your health and your fitness.
  6. **BONUS** Scared or too prideful for help- Some of us just can’t muster up the courage to say we want help losing weight either you are ashamed, sacred, worried about what others will think or too prideful. Everyone started somewhere the expert was once a novice and you don’t have to feel bad about wanting help. Ask for it. Potential Solution: Attend a weight loss group or join an online community there is usually no judgement and everyone there has the same purpose to get healthy and lose some weight.

I hope this helped someone out there.

Lets Sum this up 

  • Don’t let hurt/pain turn you to food
  • You don’t have to accept any labels society has placed on you
  • You don’t have to let your childhood dictate your life as an adult
  • Stop pretending and get real with yourself, even if that means getting spiritual
  • Sometimes you  have to put you first, not last and if that means saying no then do what you have to do for yourself and learn to say no “graciously”
  • Its okay to ask for help. Everyone has needed help in life before, you won’t be the first and definitively not the last so ask for the help you need

Are any of these reasons familiar to you? How have you overcome these things?

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