8 Types of People to “AVOID” during weightloss

Losing weight & getting healthy is a great decision to make. If you are starting new, natural, surgery or lifestyle change there will be certain people that you will run into. Here I want to share the 8 people to avoid when you are trying to lose weight, get fit or choose a healthy lifestyle change.

8 people to avoid

  1. The reminder: This is the person that wants to keep reminding you how much weight you need to lose or not lose. This person loves to remind you that you have tried this before and it will not work. Do yourself a favor and ignore this person and keep going.
  2. The drill sergeant: This is the person that wants to tell you to do hardcore workouts or tries to make you feel just because you didn’t run 10 miles, then do 100 burpees and bench press 500lbs that you are getting healthy wrong. Nod and move on from this person, go at your own pace. You don’t need to go beast mode every day. A 20 minute walk and 10 jumping jacks are fine or less. Go at your own activity level.
  3. The sales person: This is the person who is trying to sell you something weight loss related. You will find these people in person or on any of your social media platforms. These people befriend you first, like your stuff on IG, FB, Twitter (then bam!) they sneak into your DMs or inbox trying to sell you some crap. For these people just tell them no thank you and move on if it is not something you want. If you want to buy you will reach out to them they should not be hounding you.
  4. The victim: This is the person who is always telling you they need to lose weight, all there 101 circumstances why they can’t lose weight or blame factors that others have overcome but they just can’t. Stay far from this person they will bring you down. Instead, make the suggestion they contact a counselor, nutritionist and or personal trainer.
  5. The disappearing buddy: This is the person that tells you they will come to the gym with you or come to your house to workout but when the time comes they are nowhere to be found, pulling a disappearing act. For this person, you don’t let them schedule anything, you schedule your own workout, stick to it and if they don’t show up (which they most likely won’t ) you can continue doing your workout, no love or friendship lost. Just don’t expect them to actually show up because they have proven to you that they won’t.
  6. The feeder: This person can be a family member or a friend that loves to cook or someone who invites you out knowing that you are trying to watch what you eat. This person loves to offer you all types of food and then makes you feel guilty if you don’t take it. With this person politely thank them for their goodies but do not accept them if you don’t want to.
  7. The un-certified nutritionist/trainer: This is the person giving you advice that you should be getting from a licensed or certified trainer (not to say some people don’t make good recommendations) BUT if you are going to make drastic changes with your food or activity see a professional first not someone who read a few articles on Wikipedia and now think they are an expert. For these people ask them “when do you plan to get licensed or certified?” I bet they won’t be giving you any unsolicited advice no more.
  8. The tryer: This is the person who is telling you everything you need to try but they haven’t tried it before or haven’t gotten any good results from a product to recommend it to you in the first place. Tell this person you appreciate their information and leave it at that.
  9. **BONUS** The competitor (my favorite): This is the person who sees you progressing in your weight loss or healthy lifestyle change but everything you do they are in competition with you or they do everything bigger & better than you . If you sign up for a 5k, they will say they signed up for a 10k. If you say you juiced for 3 days, they will say they juiced for 30 days. If you say you did 1 mud run, they will say they did 10 mud runs. You get my drift, this person is in competition with you. For this person say NOTHING, just smile, they see you as competition so you must be doing something right.

There is also the sabatoger, the negative nancy and more others but 1 of these listed above you will for sure encounter while on your journey just smile and thank everyone.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Have you encountered any of the people I listed? How did you deal with them? Is there 1 or more I missed?

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