Review: Latex Waist Trainer (Waist Training Tips Inside)

Waist trainers have been popping up everywhere. Do they work? Do I have to pay $60 or more? Should I get the 1 the Kardashians are wearing? What size should I get? Does it re-organize my internal organs or bones? Let me answer these questions for you and review a waist trainer I purchased at a discount price from amazon .

I ordered the latex workout waist trainer and the verdict is in. It is *GREAT*. It cost less than $22 and it has snatched my waist so good. ( You all may or may not know I like budget friendly  )


The waist trainer breakdown:
1. According to sizing chart available medium is for 25 in to 28 in waist
2. There are 3 lines of hooks so the smaller your get you can adjust the hooks
3. The 100 % cotton on the inside is great on your skin
4. The 100 % latex on the outside is great for keeping everything sucked in
5. It comes mildly shaped so you know the smaller side is for the top and wider side is for the bottom
6. The 4 flex bones are great because they are not harsh like the steel bones that come in other waist trainers that cause pain and or injury

Activities I did with waist trainer:
1. Elliptical
2. Stair master
3. Crunches and sit ups
4. Aerobics class, BodyCombat, Cize, Bootcamp
5. Wore it to work under my clothes ( no one knew I was waist training)

My dislikes :
• I dislike that new latex smell but that went away after the first use

My Likes:
• I like how the cotton feels on the inside it is delicate on the skin
• I like the flex bones because they are not painful on your body like other waist trainers
• I like that the measurements were accurate
• I like that it looks nice with jeans and a shoot not super obvious like some waist trainers
• I like that it is mildly aggressive good for both those who are new to waist training and those who are veteran

I liked this product. Check it out Workout Latex Waist Trainer 

Now to the good stuff

What my waist Training Videos

Tips to get the most out of almost any waist trainer?

  • Yes waist trainers work but not just putting them on . You must workout with it on.
  • You don’t need to pay more than $40 for a waist trainer. ( I went into a mall and I asked the prices out of curiosity and the sales woman said $65 for this exact trainer and $85 for the ones that come with straps. Why give $65 for something you can get for $22 (again I am cheap so this does not make financial sense
  • I would say don’t get a waist trainers because a celebrity is wearing it, that is just a gimmick to get you to buy.. the same waist trainer a celebrity is wearing you can get online and for way cheaper
  • It does not help you lose fat weight but water weight
  • These latex trainers in particular are not the ones people talk about with the boning that may relocate your organs ( In my opinion you should stay away from those)
  • Wrap your stomach with saran wrap when you work out with the waist trainer on to produce and lose water weight
  • For “weight loss” get it in the size smaller than what you are now (IT WILL be a bit uncomfortable to put on the first time BUT after you wear it a few times it will get more easier to hook together as time goes on)
  • For “wearing under” clothes get your accurate size so you can be sucked in but NOT uncomfortable ( wearing it under clothes does not make it invisible you can still see it if you look hard enough ) Your best bet is to wear it with a camisole tank top with some sexy jeans and a cute top Not for a dress just being honesty its bulky for a skin tight or body con dress.
  • A waist trainer helps to design your body to have a coke bottle shape

Last Words

  1. Waist trainers are just another weight loss tool like a good pair of head phones or your favorite protein shake. This is here to assist you but you still have to put the work in
  2. Waist trainers will NOT solve your weight loss problems you still need to eat right and workout
  3. Waist trainers come in variations of corsets, cinchers, trainers, trimmers, bands, bone, flex bone. Know what you are buying before you make any purchase

Have you ever waist trained? How do you feel about waist training?

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