3 Reasons you should *NOT* give up on your goals | Weightloss Edition

Wait. You didn’t reach your goal in the time frame or at the pace you wanted, so now you wanna give up. OH NO YA DON’T. So freaking what!! yes I said it and I’m talking to you, so damn what. So what you didn’t reach your goal at some magical time in space … NEWS FLASH you still have time to get to your personal goal. That’s the great thing about it being personal its yours and you don’t have to be in a rush for anybody or anything. Now I apologize for being so blunt but I had to get your attention.

3 Reasons you shouldn’t give up

  1. There is a reason the word “RESET” exist– You can always start fresh. Shake off the fact that you feel like you have messed up. We all have and it is O-K-A-Y. The you have to do 1 thing before hitting reset, you have to notice what was done wrong and then aim to correct it. If you know you have not been eating correctly, not getting in your needed workouts or not paying attention to your body and how you feel then my friend time it is time to check yourself. Realize what needs to be fixed and hit the reset button of your life and start over. I’ve started over plenty of times and there is no penalty in life for starting over.
  2. We all gotta learn a lesson sometime– We all have to learn lessons to know what we can do better and different the next time we attempt something. If you are a night owl but you tried doing your workouts in the morning time and that didn’t work that’s a lesson learned. If you hate juice , then you start juicing and you hate it that’s a lesson learned. If you hate jogging then why are you using the treadmill as your go to machine at the gym, that’s a lesson learned. You have to find what works for you,take the lessons learned and keep going.
  3. Somebody is depending on you– You can’t give up now because your family, spouse and friends are depending on you. You have to get healthy in order to have a long longevity and “good quality” of life, so you can be around for those special and precious moments. If you don’t take care of yourself you may shorten your life span. You want to be here for birthdays, holidays, graduations and any special event so you have to take care of yourself

You can’t give up on you because

  • YOU are awesome for trying
  • YOU accomplish anything you start
  • YOU deserve to succeed and be happy
  • YOU have put in too much effort to stop now
  • YOU are a go getter

My getfits, we don’t give up we find a better way!!

How do you keep going when you feel like giving up ?

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