Learn How to Do a “Weightloss” Vision Board the Right Way

You have seen them. Some fancy or some plain. Some small and some big. Some people have had massive success with vision boards. While other have vowed that vision boards are a joke and they do not work. Well per usual I believe both sides. Yes vision boards work if constructed right and vision boards don’t work when you put them together poorly.

This could probably pertain to all vision boards but when doing a weight loss vision board it is particularly important to be selective to what you will visually place on your own board and the feelings the board should spark inside of you.

Let’s clarify what you need to do a “weight loss” vision board the correct way

  1. Vision: You have to get clear on what you want. Do you want to lose a certain amount of lbs? Do you want to attend a event? Do  you want to look a specific way? How do you imagine yourself at your goal weight? What body type do you see yourself in the future?
  2. Choose wisely: Be careful about what pictures and sayings you put on your board. A picture of a super model is great , but will that make you feel inspired or question your current body image. A harsh quote about being in the gym for hours is nice but will that motivate you or discourage you.Cutting out a picture of kale but you hate kale makes minimal sense, you are better off cutting out a healthy recipe that you want to try or have tried and liked it.  Choose pictures and quotes that you know are admirable and make you feel exited on your weight loss journey.
  3. Style:  If you are great at arts and craft then jazz you board up. If you hate arts and craft then maybe use more pictures or words from magazines or internet print outs. This is your board and you don’t have to go buy $100 worth of supplies a old magazine and letter size paper could do. Do it how you see fit.
  4. Physical or virtual : I am all for online vision boards and if that is your thing I don’t negate it. I prefer using paper, cut out or writing the words I want. Plus when you physically/manually work on something you have a relationship with the product you create because you invested time.
  5. Adjustable: Remember your weight loss vision board is not set in stone you can always add or take away things you want. You are allowed to tweak you vision, we are all constantly changing and what you vision is now may be different 2 weeks or 6 months from now.

How I am sorting out my own weightloss vision board

  1. I want to reach my goal weight of 137 lbs. I want to compete in a nation physique competition for my 30th birthday. I want an fitness physique. I want to have an athletic body type in the future. I want to be a group exercise instructor.
  2. I will look for pictures of a the numbers 137. I will print out a competition logo or upcoming show photo. I will look for a photo from high school of when I was in my opinion great shape. I will print out photos of bikini competitors physique I like and group fitness instructor classes I would like to teach.
  3.  I am not the best at arts and craft so my vision board will be small, simple and I will spend less than $5 on materials.
  4. I will use a physical board
  5. I will update my vision board as needed.

Once you complete your vision board, don;t just stick it in a book (unless you plan to look at that book EVERYDAY) put it in the bed room, bathroom or any where you know you will see it daily.

Have you done or do you have a vision board? Do you know or think they work? Share any tips or suggestions you have

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