Are you using diet pills? You gotta be doing something extra!

I’m flattered but I cannot attribute my 80 lb weight loss to nothing but eating right and working out. I am sorry ladies and gents there is no magic pill, diet shake, juice, weight loss kit, waist trainer,or potion that will instantly make you to lose weight.

ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE enhancements to your weight loss not the answer

On 3 previous occasions, today making the 4th the same individually has jokingly and sneakingly asked me

Are you sure you haven’t taken any pills , fat burners or something extra for your weight loss?

My answer has been and will remain the same “NO”

I’m thinking this individual asked me this question different times to see if my answer would change but I’m sorry hun the answer is still no.

Well lets break this down. According to Shape magazine and other online sources, the average person can loose 8 pounds in 1 month safely if they go simple anything above that can be considered unsafe. If someone was to exercise, be in calorie deficit, have faith and be consistent they can loose weight. I’ve been doing this for 10 months which if we did the math 10 months X 8 lbs a month = 80lbs  so technically I just did what the average person can do nothing special I just stuck with it. 2 lbs a week. 4 weeks in 1 month. 8 lbs a month.  Everyone can do this. I PROMISE YOU. If you want support I’m here for anyone. I know its hard but it is doable .

I have not used any dietary pills, diet shakes or weight loss kits.

Yes I have done 3 day juicing, 3 day military diet or 5 day intermittent fasting to experiment what the hype was but all those things landed me back to the diet yo-yo game….loosing pounds fast and gaining them back even faster.

Anyone out there wanting to lose weight here is the TRUTH.

5 things you already know:

  1. Eat 80% clean and 20% dirty
  2. Drink water.Drop the soda and juices
  3. Keep the sugar and salt intake low
  4. Exercise -walk, jog, run, treadmill ,elliptical, yoga, dance class whatever just get moving
  5. Start slow

Again no magic pill, shake, juice, weight loss kit, undergarment, waist trainer or trimmer, gel, cream or potion will lead you to a healthy lifestyle. Keep it simple and 3 months from now you will see the changes.

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“get your mind right and you body will be too”


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