3 Ways to Deal with Grief & Loss | Wellness Wednesday

No matter who you are you have experience grief and or loss. Many of us experience grief and loss differently. Grief and loss can be of a loved one, a job, a friend or even a pet. This is nothing to feel ashamed of or to hide, we ALL go through this at least one time in our life and unfortunately some of us more than others. You are NOT alone my friend.

If your best friend moves away, you decide on a career change leaving your old co-workers, your dog you have had for a few years ran away and did not return, your grandparent passes away, your friend has gotten married and or had a baby so you cannot hang out  like you use to. Guess what my friends these are all griefs and or losses that many of us deal with daily but don’t share how we feel.

Here are 3 was you can positively deal with grief and loss

  1. Consider your process: You have to realize how you process a loss. Many of us go through the stages of grief and loss differently “denial, anger, blame, bargaining, depression, adaption and adjustment”. You have to figure out with a grief that is present in your life now what stage are you in and how long have you been in that stage. There is no right or wrong answer but you need to know where your emotions are with your grief and loss.
  2. Cope: You have to learn to cope with your grief and loss. All of us cope differently. By no means am trying to rush you through your grief, but you have to review how you are coping and is it healthy. Are you speaking to others about what you are experience? Are you isolating you self? Are you acting as this grief and or loss never happened? You need to know how you are coping.
  3. Care: You have to take care of you while you are grieving. You have to do activities that will help you to get through your loss and not keep what you are going through bottled in. Make the effort to do something you for you to put you in a better mental state of mind.

Lets sum this up

  • We all cope different. You don’t have to experience grief in any particular order or like anyone else. Go through staged at your own pace.
  • You have to recognize how you are coping and make sure it is positive to your well being
  • You have to find thing you like and take care of yourself while you are grieving

Make sure to seek professional assistance if grief and losses ever gets more bearable for you to handle on your own.

Seek help for your loss. We all need a shoulder to lean on.

Hope this helped someone out there.

How do you deal with grief and or loss?

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