3 groups YOU MAY be apart of : WEIGHT LOSS

We know there are 2 things that you need to alter when your decide to do a lifestyle change for weight loss. You have to alter your exercise and food. Yes that’s the basics we can get all fancy smanschy but you lose weight by eating right and working out.

But if you are just starting or already starting you will start to notice that you may be or already are apart of 1 of 3 groups when it comes to eating right.

Here are the 3 groups:

  1. Calorie counter group: These are the people who find out how much calories they need to maintain, lose or extremely lose weight, they then stick to a certain amount of calories for the whole day ( THIS IS ME)
  2. Container stuffer group: These are the people who may have used the 21 day fix or have researched something similar to find out that if it can fit in a certain container, that is what they can or need to eat.
  3. Measurement cupper  group: These are the people that measures everything before they eat it. 1 cup of this, an oz of that and 1/2 a cup of that. They only eat based on measurements


Meal Preppers: 3 of the above groups can be meal preppers. They take time to plan out the next day or the next week. They take time to buy,cook and package their food.

The overall aim for all these groups is to provide a form of portion control.

If you are new to this try all 3 of these groups and see which on fits you. I am a bonafide calorie counter. I am not a fan of the containers and I do the like the measuring cups but they get lost sometimes then I feel lost.

The point is TRY all of these groups and see which one is BEST for YOU.

Which group are you apart of? Have you only tried 1 or all?

“get your mind right and your body will be right too”


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