The best question I have gotten on my weightloss journey

I love answering weight loss journey questions. Some of them are repetitive. For example what do you eat? How often do you work out? Are you on a diet? Which gym do you go to? Do you have a trainer?

These are some awesome questions and I want to answer any question I can.

But the question that I love the most and only gotten twice from the same person was


How do you feel?

When I am asked this question I smile on the inside and at the person who is asking me. Yes this question is so simple but it is my favorite.

A weight loss journey mixed with an overall lifestyle change may start off being about weight loss and difference in appearance but your emotions and how you feel is apart of the journey as well.

When I get asked this question its no longer a forced or faked “I’m fine” 

Now I can say “I feel great”! ( In my Tony the tiger voice)

When you are on a weight loss journey and or lifestyle change your outside changes but your inside does too

  • Your mind gets sharpened because you have learned to understand your body
  • Your body feels good because you nourish it with good things (most of the time)
  • Your confidence some how has rocketed because you have proven to yourself that you can do this
  • Your self-esteem gets a boost because you have taken care of the most important person you
  • Your aura feels right, you as well as others notice you have this shimmering glow and internal happiness about you. You don’t have to say a word.

Yes the appearance will show a difference but your character, personality and how you feel will shine to the world as well.

“Get your mind right and your body will be too”


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